Kyneton Air Show 2017 – great day!

What a fantastic event! The Kyneton Aero Club put on a really entertaining and inspiring day on Sunday. The weather may have begun a little cloudy but that didn’t get in the way for long! The formation flying by the Wolf Pitts Pro pilots of the Paul Bennet Air Shows squad was impressive and as always the RAAF Roulettes put on a remarkable show.  The radio controlled model planes presented an extraordinary display of technical ability and the aerobatic skills of the ‘crop dusting’ crew were breath taking. Amongst the impressive selection of vintage craft on display the WW2 Kitty Hawk fighter plane in particular caught our eye. It was wonderful to see the young cadets and representatives of the Air Force there as well as a great selection of food and beverage vans, trucks and stalls and entertainment for the kids. It was a very impressive and very well organised event. As usual we were a bit busy to enjoy the full scope of the day but what we saw we loved!

Elephant Rock Street Foods fitted right in with our replica vintage Airstream styled van. With a design based on the 1948 Wee Wind and clad in Aircraft Grade 20/24 T3 Alclad with 5000 solid rivets we found a lot of new admirers amongst the flying crowd! As always Andrew as the builder-in-chief was more than happy to take time out from cooking his delicious Calamari to answer questions.

Elephant Rock Street Foods van at the Kyneton Air Show 2017. Built by Andrew Grevis-James with the help of his mate Pete Buzac. Based on the 1948 Wee Wind Airstream.

Throughout the day the biggest challenge was to keep our guys focused on the job at hand! Regardless of distractions Andrew, Katie, Mandy and Luis dished up yummy Calamari, Mexican Corn Fritter Bites, home brewed Ginger Beer, Katie’s handcrafted Lemonade and our sensational Mrs Grev’s Iced Tea to a crowd of equally distracted and very happy Air Show visitors and crew.

Andrew and Luis were a little distracted by the impressive displays in the sky above but still managed to serve up sensational food and our very yummy house made beverages!