It’s cold! We’ve made soup!

In preparation for Winter Wine & Dine Redesdale this weekend we’ve whipped up a batch of delicious warming pumpkin soup with a hint of cumin – yum! Along with homemade corn fritters, home brewed ginger beer and our crunch fried calamari we’ve got winter sorted! Come and explore Redesdale in the Winter sunshine. Meet local wine and food producers at the town hall and visit the historic Redesdale Hotel. 

Redesdale in country Victoria: a great destination for a leisurely country drive this long weekend!

Food and Wine Weekend Adventure 

Regional Victoria produces some sensational wines and high quality produce. Over the coming long weekend (10th-11th June) there will be great opportunities to explore and sample some of the best from the renown Heathcote and Goldfields districts.

We are delighted to be participating in Winter Wine and Dine Redesdale. This charming small town with it’s iconic historic hotel hosts this delightful event annually to coincide with neighboring Heatcote’s show and vineyard touring weekend. Redesdale and Heathcote are close enough to make a visit to both events a good fun, relaxing weekend adventure. Hope to see you at Redesdale! Drop by to our ‘Airstream’ food van for refreshing homemade beverages, delicious calamari and our own homemade Mexican corn fritters.

Winter Wine and Dine in Historic Redesdale: long weekend, scenic country drive, gourmet local produce … perfect!

At Elephant Rock Street Foods one of our favourite stop offs is at the historic Redesdale Hotel built in the 1850’s and located not far from Kyneton, Heathcote and Lake Eppeloch this landmark blue stone hotel once operated as a Cobb & Co coach changing station. An enchanting building which is also a destination dining experience. The food is uncomplicated, well crafted and satisfying. The bar offers all you’d expect from a country pub as well as a good selection of regional wines and craft beers. The people are friendly and the staff welcoming.

The historic Redesdale Hotel, Redesdale Catholic Church and Rural Cafe at Redesdale
And like many country pubs the Redesdale Hotel is also an important part of local events. On the long weekend in June Redesdale will be hosting their annual wine and dine event which is one of those fabulous not yet fully discovered gems.

In an area well known for its quality produce and excellent wines Winter Wine and Dine Redesdale is a great opportunity to explore an range of some of the best that the region offers.

Winter Wine and Dine Redesdale is also a great excuse for a long weekend drive. Only about an hour and a half from Melbourne, on the way you can explore the beautiful Gold Fields region of Victoria. On arrival local eateries, food vans and stall vendors will guarantee an assortment of delicious culinary experiences and discoveries. Stroll into the historic Redesdale Hotel for lunch or find Elephant Rock Street Foods in our eye catching, polished aluminum, 1948 Airstream style food van dishing up freshly fried calamari and corn fritter bites as well as delicious home made traditional ginger beer, lemonade and iced tea.

Come to Winter Wine and Dine Redesdale and enjoy a warm winter welcome, a relaxing weekend experience exploring beautiful scenery, discover regional culinary delights and country hospitality.

Stay tuned for more details but right now pencil in: WINTER WINE & DINE REDESDALE 10.30am-4pm JUNE 10th-11th 

A Minty Moment

We are hanging the mint out to dry! Our friend Gabriel’s freshly picked garden mint is hanging in the pantry in preparation for our next batch of mint infused, handcrafted iced tea – very, very yummy!

Gabriel supplies locally grown fresh mint from her garden for our handcrafted, mint infused iced tea.

See you at the Redesdale Winter Wine & Dine Event June 10th and 11th. 

Look for Elephant Rock Street Foods in our replica 1948 Airstream Food Van serving freshly cooked fried calamari, house made corn fritter bites with salsa and sour cream and handcrafted beverages.

Kyneton Air Show 2017 – great day!

What a fantastic event! The Kyneton Aero Club put on a really entertaining and inspiring day on Sunday. The weather may have begun a little cloudy but that didn’t get in the way for long! The formation flying by the Wolf Pitts Pro pilots of the Paul Bennet Air Shows squad was impressive and as always the RAAF Roulettes put on a remarkable show.  The radio controlled model planes presented an extraordinary display of technical ability and the aerobatic skills of the ‘crop dusting’ crew were breath taking. Amongst the impressive selection of vintage craft on display the WW2 Kitty Hawk fighter plane in particular caught our eye. It was wonderful to see the young cadets and representatives of the Air Force there as well as a great selection of food and beverage vans, trucks and stalls and entertainment for the kids. It was a very impressive and very well organised event. As usual we were a bit busy to enjoy the full scope of the day but what we saw we loved!

Elephant Rock Street Foods fitted right in with our replica vintage Airstream styled van. With a design based on the 1948 Wee Wind and clad in Aircraft Grade 20/24 T3 Alclad with 5000 solid rivets we found a lot of new admirers amongst the flying crowd! As always Andrew as the builder-in-chief was more than happy to take time out from cooking his delicious Calamari to answer questions.

Elephant Rock Street Foods van at the Kyneton Air Show 2017. Built by Andrew Grevis-James with the help of his mate Pete Buzac. Based on the 1948 Wee Wind Airstream.

Throughout the day the biggest challenge was to keep our guys focused on the job at hand! Regardless of distractions Andrew, Katie, Mandy and Luis dished up yummy Calamari, Mexican Corn Fritter Bites, home brewed Ginger Beer, Katie’s handcrafted Lemonade and our sensational Mrs Grev’s Iced Tea to a crowd of equally distracted and very happy Air Show visitors and crew.

Andrew and Luis were a little distracted by the impressive displays in the sky above but still managed to serve up sensational food and our very yummy house made beverages!

This is going to be fun!

IMG_9187Getting all shined up and ready to take the van to Kyneton Air Field for the Air Show tomorrow. The most fabulous aircraft are arriving from all over and we are looking forward to a clear and fine Autumn day. Elephant Rock Street Foods will be dishing up our yummy corn fritters with salsa and sour cream and our yummy calamari, both nice and hot and perfect for this time of year! Come and say ‘Hi’ if you can tear yourself away! IMG_0059IMG_0053IMG_0050



Up Up and Away – ready to take off to the Kyneton Air Show this Sunday!

Working hard and long to get her all polished up and ready for the Kyneton Air Show – she is spreading her wings in anticipation! She will be right at home with her Aircraft Grade 20/24 T3 Alclad cladding and 5000 solid rivets.

The skies over Kyneton are already busy and buzzing with practice formations and vintage aircraft such as the Tiger Moths spotted by a very excited Elephant Rock Andrew yesterday.

Kyneton Aero Club will open their gates to the public at 8:30AM on Sunday 23rd with flying displays commencing from 10:30AM. Flying displays will include vintage and rare aircraft and a visit by the RAAF Roulettes. There will also be entertainment for children, a vintage car display and lots of vendors with great food.

The theme for this air show is ‘Spread Your Wings’ and there will be information on site about careers in aviation. This is a significant event for the Kyneton Aero Club the Macedon Ranges and for the history of aviation in Australia.  People from all over Australia will be visiting the Macedon Ranges and joining with the locals for this fun day of family entertainment and celebration.


Driving: Kyneton Airfield, 1503 Kyneton-Metcalfe Rd, Kyneton, Victoria, 3444

Come to the Elephant Rock van for hot and delicious Crumbed Calamari or/and Mexican Corn Fritter Bites with Salsa and Sour Cream – all very yummy!

Elephant Rock will be at the Kyneton Air Show serving our classic Menu: delicious Fried Crumbed Calamari with Lemon and Aioli or Tartare, Mexican Corn Fritter Bites with Salsa & Sour Cream or our own special Chilli & Lime Mayo.  We are also bringing our house brewed traditional Ginger Beer and house made Fresh Lemon Lemonade and the family recipe Iced Tea. Come along and join the fun, enjoy the food and remember free dancing elephant stickers for kids at our van! What’s not to love about dancing elephants!?! 🙂

Hand crafted, house made, traditional beverages: Brewed Ginger Beer, freshly made Real Lemonade, Mrs Grev’s fabulous minty, lemony Iced Tea.

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We are taking a break from the Akoonah Market in Berwick this weekend as we will be attending a private event but stayed tuned, Elephant Rock Street Foods will be back!

We are loving the love that our handcrafted drinks are getting. It’s great to see the smile on a child’s face when they taste our traditonal lemonade, ginger beer or iced tea. We’ve also had some fabulous conversation with with older people sharing their memories of making these traditional beverages. It’s a real pleasure to see and hear the intergenerational reactions to “doing it old school” with fresh, simple ingredients.Airstream.jpg