Welcome to Elephant Rock Street Foods the Airstream Food Van selling absolutely delicious local calamari and seafood!


Our gorgeous 1948 Airstream replica Food Van is eye-catching, unique and a truly elegant piece of craftsmanship.

We specialize in delicious, cooked to order calamari, seafood and chips. Locally sourced, wild caught Australian calamari, local and regional seafood, beer battered chips from Tasmania and traditionally crafted old fashion beverages.

Based in Central Victoria, we happily travel all over for events, festivals, parties, markets. Click here to find us next

… or to get in touch for more info please email Katie at katie@elephantrockinc.com

Sensational Australian calamari. Wild caught off the Victorian coast and prepared straight from the pier. Panko crumbed and cooked to order.

Tasty, crumbed New Zealand whiting goujon (fish bites).

Wild caught Australian flathead served as hand cut, crumbed tail fillets (included on the menu by request).

Sweet, delicious Tempura Onion Rings.

Presented on Cos lettuce with fresh lemon and a choice of Tartare sauce, garlic aioli, sweet chilli sauce or traditional tomato sauce.

Team it up with some amazing beer battered chips from Tassie or simply enjoy these fabulous chips in a bowl with garlic aioli or sweet chilli.

Our food is all thoughtfully sourced, top quality, real, carefully prepared and cooked to order! Delicious, classic, satisfying meals in a range of sizes.

If you’re hungry tackle the ‘Big Plate’ with a generous serve of tasty panko crumbed calamari, beer battered chips and your choice of Garlic Aioli or Tartare Sauce:

The ‘Fish Bowl’ features delicious crumbed whiting fish bites, beer battered chips and your choice of sauce. It is a delicious and satisfying mid sized meal:

‘Prawn Star‘ our ‘Fish Bowl’ reimagined with a star formation of sensational Japanese crumbed prawn cutlet topped off with garlic aioli or traditional Tartare sauce.

Fish’n’Chips It’s a classic! Two delicious flathead tail fillets topping a stack of our fabulous beer battered chips. Garnished with Cos lettuce, fresh lemon and Tartare sauce or garlic aioli.

Traditional Homemade Beverages: Classic Lemonade, Home Brewed Ginger Beer and Mint Infused Iced-tea.

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Our event Menu is designed for rapid, high quality, cooked to order service. We are proud to say that this popular selection of “best sellers” has seen Elephant Rock Calamari & Seafood consistently amongst the highest performers at the events we’ve attended.

Why “Elephant Rock”? Because while building the van our Andrew lived a hop, skip and jump from Upper Beaconsfield’s iconic Elephant Rock … it’s shape reminded him of the 1948 Airstream Wee Wind he was infatuated with! True story!


What’s not to love about dancing elephants?