Our ‘Airstream’ Calamari Food Van serving freshly cooked restaurant quality calamari to happy customers.

Welcome to Elephant Rock Street Foods and our Calamari Food Van!

Our ‘Airstream’ style Calamari Food Van offers delicious meals of freshly cooked, restaurant quality Panko crumbed Calamari from Bass Strait on the Victorian coast, the best locally produced Hot Chips, Tempura Onions Rings, and tasty Fish all served with a choice of Gourmet Sauces.

On special occasions we also make our own Home Brew Ginger Beer and Traditional Lemonade – available on prior request from the Event Orangiser.

Based in the Goldfields Region of Central Victoria we are happy to attend both Regional and Metropolitan events. 

Email Katie anytime for more info or to book us in:  katie@elephantrockinc.com

Food Truck service with retro style!
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Our replica 1948 vintage Airstream Calamari Food Van is always a crowd pleaser!

All Elephant Rock meals are freshly cooked to order. At the top of the menu is our sensational panko crumbed Calamari which comes to us prepared straight from the jetty on the Victorian coast using Bass Strait squid. Also available: locally made Hot Chips, tasty Tempura Onion Rings and lightly battered or crumbed ‘Fish of the Day’ all served in a range of meal sizes with the choice of one of our delicious gourmet sauces. The food is thoughtfully sourced and carefully selected from the best local and regional suppliers to ensure the results are fabulous!

Based in the Goldfields Region, Victoria, Australia our Calamari Food Van is available for all types of events in Central and Regional Victoria as well as Metropolitan Melbourne Click here to find us next

Email Katie anytime for more info or to book us in:  katie@elephantrockinc.com

The best selling Panko crumbed squid rings are loved by all … especially when teamed with our sensational hot chips.

To quote one of our favourite customers: “The best calamari ever!!”

Also on the menu:

Sweet and tasty Tempura Onion Rings served either as a delicious snack or teamed with our amazing beer battered chips for a satisfying meal. You can also enjoy our fabulous chips in a bowl with a dip of garlic aioli or sweet chilli sauce or in a regular cup as a hot and delicious snack.

At some events we also offer a tasty, lightly battered or crumbed fish dish. The ‘Fish of the Day’.

Our food is all thoughtfully sourced, top quality, carefully prepared and freshly cooked to order!

All our delicious meals are presented on Cos lettuce with fresh lemon and a choice of Tartare sauce, garlic aioli, sweet chilli sauce or traditional tomato sauce.

If you’re hungry the ‘Calamari Plate’ is perfect with a good serve of tasty panko crumbed calamari, freshly cooked hot chips and your choice of Garlic Aioli or Tartare Sauce:

Traditional Homemade Beverages: Classic Lemonade, Home Brewed Ginger Beer and Mint Infused Iced-tea. Available by prior arrangement.

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Our Menu is designed for rapid, high quality, cooked to order service. We understand the importance of fast service without compromising quality! The Elephant Rock Calamari Food Van is always one of the best performers at Food Truck events. We understand the “need for speed” in a busy food service environment.

Why “Elephant Rock”? Because while building the food van our Andrew lived a hop, skip and jump from Upper Beaconsfield’s iconic Elephant Rock … it’s shape reminded him of the 1948 Airstream Wee Wind replica Food Van he was building!


What’s not to love about dancing elephants? 

Our Calamari and Chips Plate is the all time favourite! Always on the Elephant Rock Calamari Food Van Menu!