Find the ‘Airstream’ at Akoonah Market again this Sunday!

Looking forward to serving you delicious, fried Aussie Calamari, Mexican Corn Fritter Bites, a Handcrafted Ginger Beer, Fresh Lemon Lemonade and/or a serve Mrs Grev’s Iced Tea at the Akoonah Market in Berwick this Sunday.

Many Berwick locals with remember “Mrs Grev” as one of the beloved past teachers at St. Margaret’s. It is her fabulous Iced Tea recipe we have recreated, mint infused with tones of lemon and ginger – it’s a winner, absolutely delicious!

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Find our stunning ‘Airstream’ Food Van at the Akoonah Market this Sunday. You’ve seen these vans in the media now you can see one in your local area!