Why “Elephant Rock” Street Foods? What’s in a name …

While living in the area Elephant Rock Street Food’s founder Andrew Grevis-James had driven passed Upper Beaconsfield’s iconic Elephant Rock for years. He and his family taking great pleasure in the different decorative paint jobs the rock has been given by talented locals. When is came to deciding on a name for his exciting new Airstream inspired food van project Elephant Rock immediately sprang to mind. Not only for the pleasure he had had from seeing its vibrant, colourful and celebratory incarnations but also because the shape reminded his of the fabulous abandon Airstream van he’d seen years ago at the Bagdad Cafe along Route 66 in the USA.

Elephant Rock celebrating Tonia and Chris’s wedding in 2015


Elephant Rock Street Foods will be returning to its region or origin on Sunday 26th March at the busy and exciting Akoonah Park Sunday Market in Berwick. Come to our food van and try our delicious fried calamari and handcrafted iced drinks!

And sometimes Elephant Rock isn’t even an elephant but it still has that fabulous Airstream like shape that inspired our name!