Find the ‘Airstream’ at Akoonah Market again this Sunday!

Looking forward to serving you delicious, fried Aussie Calamari, Mexican Corn Fritter Bites, a Handcrafted Ginger Beer, Fresh Lemon Lemonade and/or a serve Mrs Grev’s Iced Tea at the Akoonah Market in Berwick this Sunday.

Many Berwick locals with remember “Mrs Grev” as one of the beloved past teachers at St. Margaret’s. It is her fabulous Iced Tea recipe we have recreated, mint infused with tones of lemon and ginger – it’s a winner, absolutely delicious!

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Find our stunning ‘Airstream’ Food Van at the Akoonah Market this Sunday. You’ve seen these vans in the media now you can see one in your local area!

Mexican Corn Bites – our take on traditional Mexican Street Fritters

Mexican Street Corn Fritters are huge favourite with many travellers. We’ve put our own touch on this delicious traditional Street Food recipe and created our very own Mexican Corn Bites.

Elephant Rock Mexican Corn Bites are served with either Sour Cream and Salsa or Chilli Mayo and these tasty morsels are great at any time of day – they’re our favourite breakfast dish! Come to the Akoonah Market on Sunday (8.30am-1.30pm) and experience this taste sensation.

Elephant Rock Street Foods now serves both Mexican Corn Bites and Crunchy Aussie Calamari as well as our signature house made drinks: Home Brewed Ginger Beer, Fresh Traditional Lemonade and Ali’s Famous Iced Tea.

First there was delicious Crunchy Aussie Calamari and now our sensational new Mexican Corn Bites with Salsa & Sour Cream or Chilli Mayo – YUM!!


The Akoonah Sunday Market in Berwick – full of fun!

The Elephant Rock Street Foods team had a great day at The Akoonah Market in Berwick last Sunday and we are ready to go again next Sunday! What an amazing market – heaps fabulous stalls, great music, delicious food. Come an find us in our shiny Airstream style van. Just go in through the main gates and follow the drive straight forward passed the sheds.

Our friendly team will out an about again offering tasting samples and free stickers for the kids. Elephant Rock’s fresh, crunchy, deep fried Australian calamari is well worth trying and hopefully we can tempt you into buying! At the counter we can also give you a tasting of any one of our three house made drinks: home brewed Ginger Beer, Traditional Lemonade (real LEMONS!) and Ali’s famous Iced Tea.

Jess and Adam will be there again with Andrew and Katie catching up with old friends (and passing family members) and enjoying making new friends! Come and see us and please SHARE this post with all your friends.

Jessica and Adam taking on Food Vanning and loving it!

Akoonah Market in Berwick this Sunday!

Elephant Rock Street Foods are busy getting ready for the Akoonah Market in Berwick this Sunday. Very excited! There are a ton of fabulous stalls and heaps to see at this big weekly market and we are thrilled to be part of it.

The weather guys are promising sunshine and our Berwick crew Sanni, Jess and Adam will be dishing up delicious hot Calamari and icy handcrafted beverages from our shiny Airstream style food van …

COME AND SAY “Hi” at Akoonah Park on Sunday FREE STICKERS for KIDS of all ages!IMG_4483.jpg



A nice, neighbourly note from a passing local

It was lovely to come back to the van last night and find this sweet note from “a passing local” on our windscreen!

Thank you Christine, hope to meet you sometime soon.

Kyneton 21/3/17   “Dear Andrew and Pete, Congratulations on making your stunning silver ‘creation’ – it’s so beautiful and is TRULY Magnificent! Its a wonderful cross between a giant Armadillo and a dinosaur sized slater! At first I thought it was a sort of fold up flying machine, then I thought it was a caravan, then getting closer I read your penmanship and realised what it was. Its wonderful, happy days from Christine a passing local”


Elephant Rock Street Foods on the road

Elephant Rock Street Foods will be taking our beautiful Airstream inspired van on the road and serving delicious Calamari and hand crafted iced ginger beer, traditional lemonade and iced tea at markets, fairs, festival and parties.

Follow us to see where we will be next!

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Why “Elephant Rock” Street Foods? What’s in a name …

While living in the area Elephant Rock Street Food’s founder Andrew Grevis-James had driven passed Upper Beaconsfield’s iconic Elephant Rock for years. He and his family taking great pleasure in the different decorative paint jobs the rock has been given by talented locals. When is came to deciding on a name for his exciting new Airstream inspired food van project Elephant Rock immediately sprang to mind. Not only for the pleasure he had had from seeing its vibrant, colourful and celebratory incarnations but also because the shape reminded his of the fabulous abandon Airstream van he’d seen years ago at the Bagdad Cafe along Route 66 in the USA.

Elephant Rock celebrating Tonia and Chris’s wedding in 2015

Elephant Rock Street Foods will be returning to its region or origin on Sunday 26th March at the busy and exciting Akoonah Park Sunday Market in Berwick. Come to our food van and try our delicious fried calamari and handcrafted iced drinks!

And sometimes Elephant Rock isn’t even an elephant but it still has that fabulous Airstream like shape that inspired our name!

Wow! Elephant Rock Street Foods had a fantastic launch at the Lost Trades Fair 2017 in Kyneton!

What an incredible way to launch Elephant Rock Street Foods. Our Airstream inspired food van has arrived! The crowd loved both the hand crafted van and our fabulous calamari and traditional recipe iced drinks.

The Lost Trades Fair 2017 in Kyneton was amazing, there were 1000s of people and 1000s of customers!

Our crew did an amazing job dishing up fabulous fried Calamari, hand brewed ginger beer, traditional home made lemonade and Ali’s famous iced tea. We had a ball! The crowd was sensational and the compliments were flying. It was a great event, can not wait for next year.

Our website is now under construction so please be patient … we will get there! but in the meantime …. find us on twitter @elephantrockinc 

Come and see us on Sunday March 26th at the Akoonah Park Sunday Market in Berwick.

the crew
Our very, very happy crew at Kyneton (L-R) India, Noah, Mandy and head ‘chef’ and van builder Andrew