Sustainability aims:

We aim to minimalize the harm and damage to the environment by managing the activities over which we have control and which have the potential to adversely impact upon the environment, as well as avoiding indiscriminate use of natural resources, minimising waste and maximising efficiencies.

We are mindful of avoiding indiscriminate use of natural resources, minimising waste and maximising efficiencies.

We aim to always purchase locally grown and crafted products and to ensure our takeaway packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable and is produced in a way which considers enviromental impact.

Service products:

  • Detpak Products drink cups, dome lids and paper cones: Supplier statement – Everything that goes into manufacturing Detpak products is assessed for its impact on the environment. We only use paper and board from large, reputable raw material suppliers, which means no old growth forests are used. We keep the use of inks and adhesives to a minimum, and prioritise the use of water-based and soy inks wherever possible as a more environmentally-friendly alternative to solvent-based inks. As part of our commitment to sustainable sourcing, the Group’s manufacturing arm, Detmold Packaging, has PEFC and FSC accreditation across all its manufacturing plants and our Detpak sales entities across the globe have accreditation too. We regularly assess and update our manufacturing practices to ensure our processing is as sustainable as possible, and is in line with, or ahead of industry standards. We are always aiming to reduce our inputs, including lowering our power and water usage, and minimising the use of solvent-based inks and adhesives. More info.
  • BioPak drink cups and dome lids: BioPak – Made from Ingeo™, a plant-based plastic. Products made from this material are perfectly clear and sturdy, performing excellently when serving cold food and drinks – smoothies, juices, fruit salads and muesli etc. The carbon footprint of producing Ingeo™ bioplastic is up to 75% smaller than conventional plastics such as PET. These cups are the ONLY clear bioplastic cups certified commercially compostable to Australian AS 4736 standards. This is in addition to our European EN 13432 standards. More info.
  • Straws: Our customers are given the choice of having a straw or not. Depending on availability we provide either PLA recyclable plastic straws or straws made from virgin Kraft Paper printed with ink which is FDA approved for direct food contact.
  • Skewers: Bamboo skewers

Food suppliers:

  • Calamari product: Supplier statement – A leading producer of Australian caught Arrow Squid (nototodarus gouldii) with unparalleled expertise in the catching, processing and distribution of squid products across southern Australia. It is a family owned and operated business. The people selling you the seafood are also the people sourcing the seafood and who have responsibility for the processing and transportation of it. We are based merely meters from the wharf where a major part of the Victorian fish catch is landed. This unique location means that we have an unrivalled ability to bring you the freshest and highest quality fish in Victoria. It is the freshest because we get our product before any other suppliers. It is the highest quality because, unlike other suppliers who rely on multiple entities to handle the product before it reaches you, we take possession of our product directly from the boats at the wharf and can ensure our HACCP accredited strict quality controls apply immediately the fish are landed right through to when you are supplied with the product. For more info contact us.
  • Sauces: Supplier statement – We are proud to be one of a very few sauce manufacturers worldwide that can boast that all of our products are totally natural (no artificial colours or flavourings) and contain no gluten or dairy. Our products are made by a grandmother whose grandchildren are learning what the true flavours of clean, green & totally natural foods should taste like. More info.
  • Fresh produce: Sourced locally for sustainably conscious suppliers. Australia grown. For more info contact us.
  • Beverages: Our traditional beverages are house made using fresh and locally sourced ingredients and natural manufacturing processes. For more info contact us.

Power and transport:

Consideration is given to power consumption. We utilize solar panels to reduce our load and run efficient, well maintained generators. Our cooking is done with gas. All power consumption is kept to a minimum. When not in use appliances including storage freezers are turned off and disconnected.

Our primary transport and towing vehicle is an Isuzu dMax selected for its low fuel consumption and truck like capabilities. It is one of the best vehicles currently available in this range. The dMax was recently selected as the fleet vehicle for The Environmental Agency, UK.

Waste & water:

All waste generated by us is either biodegradable or recyclable. There is minimal packaging waste associated with products from our suppliers most of which is recyclable, recycled and/or biodegradable.

Our water consumption for preparation and cleaning is minimal.

For more information please contact us.