We take pride in keeping things simple, fresh, delicious, local and crafted …

Crumbed Calamariimg_2297Our delicious Calamari is caught off the southern coastline of Australia and freshly crumbed straight off the pier. Panko crumbs are deliciously light, crisp and cook to a lovely golden colour.

Our Calamari is always cooked to order, garnished with fresh lettuce and lemon and served with a choice of crafted gourmet aioli or tartare.

Crumbed Whiting Fish Bites

Delicate and delicious our lightly crumbed Whiting Bites are a great addition to the menu. Served with beer battered chips in a larger plated meal or as a snack/kid sized meal, garnished with Cos, fresh lemon and your choice of aioli or tartare sauce.

Fish of the Day

We are currently serving delicious wild caught Australian Flathead. Served as hand crumbed Flathead Tails with your choice of sauce.

Beer Battered Tassie Chips

These classic chips are made using the best Tassie spuds which we all know make the best chips ever!

Cranberry Coleslaw (seasonal)

Fresh coleslaw with a classic coleslaw dressing and a delicious bust of cranberry goodness.


Elotes Mexican Corn Fritter Bites

Home made mini corn fritters inspired by a well loved Mexican street food dish. Our Elotes are served with sour cream and a zesty salsa. Not always on the menu but worth looking out for!

Traditionally Made Beverages (seasonal)

Our crafted beverages are made by us using traditional recipes and methods. It is really rewarding to see the enthusiasm these old school drinks are greeted with!

Home made and delicious!

Brewed Ginger Beer: Brewed by Andrew the old fashioned way our Ginger Beer has a delicious warm spiced flavour.

Traditional Fresh Lemonade: Our traditonal lemonade is a fresh, zesty taste sensation.

Mrs Gev’s Iced-Tea: This refreshing mint infused Iced-Tea is made to a favourite family recipe, served iced and garnished with fresh garden mint.

The Big Events Festival Menu

For festivals and other big events we provide extended menu options: click here and Send a message to Katie to start the conversation