We take pride in keeping it simple, fresh and delicious …

Calamari – the signature dish

DX3C2423Our signature dish is our Calamari caught off the southern coastline of Victoria (Australia) and freshly crumbed straight off the pier. The panko crumbs are selected for their delicious light, crisp finish and lovely golden colour. Another advantage is that they do not retain the cooking oil in the way other crumbs do.

We cook using high quality Cotton Seed Oil which is fresh, light and healthy.

The Calamari is garnished with fresh lettuce and lemon and served with a choice of Emelia’s gourmet sauces. Our sauces are made locally in Kyneton and are truly delicious.


Mexican Corn Fritter Bites

At some events we also include this delicious vegetarian option. These home made mini corn fritters are inspired by a traditional Mexican street food dish. Appropriately served them with zesty Piccalilli Chilli by Emelia and sour cream.

Now on the Menu – Beer Battered Tassie Chips

These classic chips are delicious and are made using Tassie spuds. Served with a choice of garlic aioli, tomato sauce or salt and vinegar they are a delight.

Traditionally Made Beverages

A speciality of the house/van is our delicious handcrafted traditional beverages. It is really rewarding to see the enthusiasm these are greeted with especially by the younger ones who have had no previous experience of these sort of drinks.

Home made and delicious!

Brewed Ginger Beer: Our Ginger Beer is home brewed in the traditional way and has a delicious warm spiced ginger flavour. It is remains just as popular in the cooler months as when served iced in the summer heat.

Traditional Fresh Lemonade: Boxes of lemons are used creating our traditional recipe Lemonade. Freshly squeezed lemon juice and lemon zest are the key to this refreshing drink. We often hear the delighted “I remember my mother (or grandmother) making this!”

Mrs Gev’s Iced-Tea: This wonderful mint infused Iced-Tea is made to a traditional family favourite recipe and fondly called Mrs Gev’s Iced-Tea. The fresh flavours remind you that a drink can be delicious without being drowned in sugar! Although also popular with the kids this is a proper grown up soft drink which is served iced and garnished with fresh mint.

The Big Events Festival Menu

Akoonah Market Day

For festivals and other big events we provide an extended menu. Still simple, delicious and nutritious it also includes many of vegetarian options. We are more than happy to talk to you about anything you may have in mind. Send a message to Katie and one of us will give you a call.


Here is a example of what we can do:

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