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Lost Trades Fair 2017

The Elephant Rock Street Foods’ beautiful Airstream inspired food van was very successfully launched at the Lost Trades Fair in Kyneton, Victoria, in March 2017. What a great event!

Based in regional Victoria (Australia) Elephant Rock Street Foods can be found dishing up delicious Mexican Corn Bites with Salsa and Sour Cream hot and crunchy Calamari garnished with crisp cos lettuce and a fresh lemon wedge finished with your choice of cracked pepper, sea salt, lemon pepper, Garlic Aioli, Tartare Sauce and/or Thousand Island Dressing in various locations and events.

Our freshly made range of handcrafted iced drinks are prepared from traditional recipes. We take delight in making our refreshing Traditional Lemonade, brewing the Ginger Beer and preparing Mrs Grev’s Famous Iced Tea. It is important to us that all our ingredients are as locally sourced as possible. Katie makes our Lemonade, our Ginger Beer is brewed by Andrew and our Iced Tea is prepared using Andrew’s mother Ali’s (Mrs Grev) much loved recipe.

Our stunning Airstream styled food van was constructed by Andrew (our man with a plan for a van) and his mate Pete and is our pride and joy. It is a standout attraction at markets, fairs and festival and a strikingly elegant addition to private events. We can dress up for market place fun or set the right note of style for any special celebration – there’s nothing quite like adding that uniquely special Airstream bling!

This is the first in a series of projects Andrew and Katie will bring to Elephant Rock Inc. Excitingly there are a couple of beautifully resorted Airstream vans sourced from a specialist Airstream supplier in the USA just waiting for their finishing touches. These will be unveiled during 2017. Exciting times for the Elephant Rock Street Foods crew! Stay in touch.



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